“Stuff” Single released February 4th 2021 in anticipation of Ronley Teper and The Lipliners  upcoming LP Everyone Loves a Good Story coming late spring 2021.
Cover art for Stuff

“Stuff” is an orchestral synth pop anthem for all those who feel the fluctuating emotions of procrastination. The lyrics regurgitate what our minds so often ramble in such moments: “Stuff, stuff to do, gotta get it done. But, i’d rather sit on this chair with my phone, with a book, and a movie, with a pet, with a joint, with a pen and a paper. Anything to “procrastinate”. Stuff is dedicated to all those who have stuff to do, one day we will all get our stuff done and in the meantime embrace the treats and not the worries of procrastination.

“Stuff” Music Video: 

Video Synopsis: An animated music video featuring digital rotoscoping and needle felted stop motion animation, starring Tybalt a pretty regular rabbit. He may not have a job (aside from being cute!) but he’s a pretty busy guy. Following a run in with the family cat, Tybalt lost his eye. Life’s hard for a one eyed rabbit – especially when he can’t scratch himself. Following surgery our fluffy friend comes to terms with wearing a cone, and the ways it impacts his daily activities. He dreams of freedom and the day when he recovers and can once again hop, wash his face, and get his stuff done!  Animated and directed by bekky O’Neil and Keith Del Principe of Cardboard Reality Farm & Studio.

Song Available on all streaming platforms or directly from Ronley Teper and The Lipliners Bandcamp page.

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Song Liner Notes

Stuff is composed by Ronley Teper
Performed by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners
Produced By Jaron Freeman Fox
Christine Bougie – electric guitar
Caleb Hamilton – trumpet
Gordon Hyland – tenor sax
Vivienne Wilder – bass
Jaron Freeman Fox – strings, bg vox
Chris Pruden – synths
Jesse Baird – drums
Willow Rutherford – bg vocals
SWACA Community Living Choir
Cover Image by Cardboard Reality Studio
Mastered By Fedge