In a world of uncertainty and chaos and an overall general sense of loneliness, the possibility of companionship that comes with new love – be it romantic or any type of connection – has greater meaning now then in any other time. Our yearning for the “what if” brings a sense of hope and the possibility for human connection.

New Love

Composer: Ronley Teper
Music performed by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners
Video Concept, Animation, Direction: Virpi Kettu @Kettu Studios
Single Artwork: Yesim Tosuner, Backyard Designs

Video Director’s Notes:

There will never be a sweeter feeling than the first kiss. The New Love. The intention of Love. The fluttering feeling of love. The moment you might fall in love. It’s a mantra expressed by symbols. It’s a connection shown in small looks and touches with our true shape.

Two Stop Motion animated characters meet on a date but one person is late and other has to go soon. The characters are partly human partly animal, made with needle felting and ceramic faces, to express the cuteness of the first meeting and how two people falling in love are overwhelmed by the emotion of the smallest of look or touch. Nothing else matters. Even the background is a plain 2D composite because of this. The chorus of the song demands a mantra like symbolism to express the repetitive feelings and emotions people tend to do when falling in love and thinking manically about the object of their adoration. The use of 2D drawn animation is very dream like and well suited for the verse and animation of the symbols expression of emotions. The end appreciates that we can recall the feeling of falling in love and keep in our hearts always.


New Love

New Love
you came alone
and I came alone
it’s really all about timing

well I’m sorry that I’m late
but in my book I’d written 8:00
but you stayed

and you laughed at my silly voices
and I laughed at your adorable laugh
but you had to go ’cause it was your birthday
and you’d already made plans to see all your friends
and I had butterflies in my belly

’cause it’s new love
the intention of love
fluttering feeling of love

Performed By Ronley Teper and The Lipliners

Ontario Arts Council