We are excited to return to live performances, but as you know these are unpredictable times, so check for any cancellations the day of performances. We look forward to playing for you again!

    Winter 2023

    Ronley Teper and The Lipliners Monthly Tranzac Residency

    The TranzacTranzac Club

    292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

    Suggested donation $10


    Friday, February 17th, 7pm – 9pm

    Friday, March 17th, 7pm – 9pm

    Friday, April 21st, 7pm – 9pm

    Saturday May 7th 2022


    Keep Hope Alive Festival Poster
    Keep Hope Alive Festival

    Keep Hope Alive Festival: May 5-8, 2022
    Unexpected Convergences/New Connections

    46 Essex Street, Guelph
    Saturday, May 7th, 8:00-11:00

    8pm: A Glimpse of What’s Beautiful

    Named in celebration of the great William Parker, this newly formed improvising quintet comes together in search of a “glimpse”. Jonathon Kay, Dan Loughrin, Nicole Marchesseau, Joe Sorbara and Claire Whitehead

    9:30pm: This Strange Container

    Three of the most extraordinary voices in Canada come together in an exploration of sound and story, of the joyfully bizarre and weirdly wonderful human voice. Along for the ride: a playful friend to tap, knock, scrape, and smash out some support. Christine Duncan, Richard Marsella, Joe Sorbabra, Ronley Teper.

    Saturday April 30th 2022


    Women from Space Festival Poster
    This Festival will feature 4 days of performances by visionary women working within & between various exploratory musical traditions.  Full festival Lineup and info here: https://www.womenfromspace.com
    A special Lipliners lineup including:
    Nicole Rampersaud – trumpet
    Sarah Shugarman – violin
    Tania Gill – piano/keys
    Carlie Howell – bass
    Ronley Teper – vox/guit/puppets
    Tim Posgate – banjo/guitar
    Saúl Lederman – animation/projections
    Saturday April 30th 
    Tranzac Main Hall, 292 Brunswick Ave. Toronto
    April 30th events. 
    7pm-7:30pm  Pre-show panels & chats presented by Musicworks
    8pm  Aisha Sasha, John & Brenda Lem Co-presented with Coexisdance
    8:45pm Kayla Milmine, Geordie Haley, Peter Morin
    9:30pm  Ronley Teper & The Liplliners
    10:15pm  TUSH
    Festival organized by Kayla Milmine & Bea Labikova
    Poster artwork by Bea Labikova 

    Sunday March 27th 2022

    Tranzac Show Poster for March 27th, 2022
    TRANZAC gratefully acknowledges the support of FACTOR/Canadian Heritage Support For Live Concert

    Everyone Loves A Good Story, combines the energies of so many creators, all connecting through the super-addictive process of sharing stories. This Live show culminates  a collaboration that began with musical sketches that became an album, then evolved into an art gallery and immersive exhibition. All are tangible visual and virtual stories influenced by this albums music. Nothing is more powerful than live performance.

    For this event we ask for masking in place unless sipping/eating
    & proof of Covid vaccination for all ages eligible.

    Everyone Loves A Good Story
    Full day Live Music and Art Festival

    Sunday, March 27th, 2022
    Presented by The Tranzac
    In the Tranzac’s Main Hall
    296 Brunswick Ave. Toronto
    ALL AGES 2-7pm $6
    ADULTS ONLY 6-11pm $10

    Music Performances by:

    Ronley Teper & The Lipliners 2pm
    Willow Rutherford 3:30pm
    Tim Posgate & Andrew Downing 4:30pm
    Gordon Hylands’s Living Fossil 5:30pm
    Chris Pruden 6:15pm
    Jaron Freeman-Fox 7:00pm
    Ronley Teper & The Lipliners 8pm
    Vivienne Wilder 9:30pm

    Sunday March 3rd – 27th 2022

    Lyceum Gallery Poster March 2022

    Exhibit Info

    Exhibition is open to the public for walk-ins Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 5, and by appointment during the week. Further surprise small events and workshops will pop up during the run of the show. Finally, the project will culminate, on Sunday, March 27, with an all-day/all ages live music festival extravaganza running from 2-11 p.m. at The Tranzac Main Hall (covid restriction world pending of course) with performances by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners, as well as sets by long standing Lipliners contributors Willow Rutherford, Jaron Freeman-Fox, Chris Pruden, Tim Posgate & Andrew Downing, Vivien Wilder, and Gordon Hyland’s Living Fossil.
    This project combines the energies of so many creators, all connecting through the super-addictive process of sharing stories. A collaboration that began with musical sketches that became an album, then evolved into a curated invitation from Teper to these artists you will see and hear here. The exhibition showcases commissioned artworks within a variety of artistic media, each inspired by and alongside songs from the LP Everyone Loves A Good Story. All are tangible visual and virtual stories. Wherever, be it music through live performance, speakers &/or headphones, at the finite gallery exhibition, or the multisensory modalities immersed modern exhibition through your phone and into virtual dimensions or just the touch of the pages in an art book.

    Art inspired by music – What’s your story?

    Saturday, Sept 11th 2021

    Zula Presents: Something Else Festival

    Bayfront Park, Hamilton, Ontario (outdoor performance)
    Suggested Donation $20
    Ronley Teper and The LIpliners 6pm (45 min set)
    Artists also performing: Anotonin Fajt, Nimal Agalawatte, Iva Bitova, Antonin Fajt

    Friday, October 15th, 2021.
    The Capital Bar
    973 King St. E. Hamilton Ontario.
    Little Lips Trio,
    8pm to 11:30pm

    * Please note this is a small venue. very limited capacity.

    Call to make a reservation recommended.