Timing (feat: Mary Margaret O'Hara)

Based on a live recorded song, “Lucky and Finnegan” is a surreal animated film narrating an adventure of mystical creatures racing toward a new world of self-discovery within a shamanic experience. Directed by Davide Di Saro in collaboration with Ronley Teper, a colourful vision of a surreal voyage through enchanted forests, gloomy haunted houses, monstrous magical towers, giant walking volcanoes, and vertiginous space-time warps.

Prism Prize Nominated for Canadian best music video.

Premiered at: bigtakeover

Live at Hughe's Room, A Man Called Wrycraft Presents A Tom Waits Tribute

The Game

Faith, 1st of the Trilogy of works in collaboration with Animator/Director/Musician Davide Di Saro.

Thanks @Chartattack for the Premiere!

Dundas West Fest

Pointy Petals (Rose) 2nd animation collaboration with Davide Di Saro

ArtWord, Hamilton

Live footage of Europe tour 2016

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Vegetarian (Oh No! I'm going to Hell!) Meataholic

Live Improvised Musical Storytelling.

Nothing like making up songs about Batman, rain, the truth and current events on the fly.

"Emancipate" Live.

"Cornered In The Alley" live on the Dundas Streetcar, Toronto

video: Graeme Phillips for NOW Magazine

"Mr. Pigeon" Animated Video by A Cardboard Reality Production - cardboardreality.ca

Directed & Animated by bekky O'Neil - bekky.ca

Animated & Composited by Keith Del Principe - keithdelprincipe.com IV

Happy Matzah eating to all those celebrating this week! Here's a comedic and modern version of the Ma Nishtana - translated as The Four Questions. The tradition of the passover seder and the reading of the Hagadah is a universal Jewish tradition. This song  is usually sung by the youngest child - however a galactic piece of matzah poses the questions in this modern interpretation. Bon appetite!

"The Painted Lady" Live performance art music series Part IV